Makita XAG03M vs DeWalt Flexvolt: Which is the Best Angle Grinder

In this review of Makita vs DeWalt angle grinder we will look at the power tools of two of the biggest manufacturers currently out there. For Makita we will look at the Makita XAG03M and for DeWalt we will look at the Flexvolt angle grinder.

After looking at each model’s functions and features, as well as some pros and cons, we will then advice on a purchase recommendation. Selecting a power tool with the appropriate features is crucial in investing wisely, rather than wasting your money on an angle grinder that is not right.

With that in mind, it is highly important that you read on and pay close attention to our review of these two power tools. Because all we can do is make a recommendation based on our own experiences and needs. Only you will know which model is best suited to your needs.

Makita XAG03M Angle Grinder

This 4.5 inch angle grinder is practically the perfect size for most applications.  The fact that it is cordless is very convenient, because cords can, and do, get in the way when you are grinding. It features a soft start system and is really easy to use; so much so that it can be operated using just one hand.

The angle grinder comes in a hard plastic carry case. This helps to keep the XAG03M safe and in good condition whilst being transported from job to job or kept in storage. In the hand the Makita feels comfortable and well balanced. The batteries click into the power tool very easily and the switch can be locked.

It comes with a safety feature that prevents the Makita from accidentally starting up in the case where a battery is inserted and the switch is locked on. The lighting system on the battery charger is slightly confusing, in that there are lots of different lights that are either on, flashing, or a combination of the two.

The 18 volt lithium ion battery that powers the XAG03M is compatible with any other of Makita’s 18V Li-Ion line, meaning it can be used to not only power your angle grinder, but also your impact driver, or your hand drill. On the angle grinder it is able to generate as much as 8,500 RPM of speed.

It is almost one pound heavier than the DeWalt, but is still light enough to be used for extended periods of time without inducing fatigue. The power tool comes with a 3 year warranty meaning that is it or a part inside it stops working Makita will fix it or replace it free of charge.

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  •     A 4.5 inch cutting wheel
  •     Up to 8,500 RPM of speed
  •     A weight of 5.5 pounds (without battery)
  •     A 18 volt lithium ion battery
  •     A 3 year warranty


  •     Perfect size for most applications
  •     Comfortable and well balanced
  •     Safe to use


  •     Lighting system on the battery charger is slightly confusing

DeWalt Flexvolt Angle Grinder

This is up there with the best angle grinders currently available on the market. It is capable of generating up to 9,000 RPM of speed on the 6 inch wheel that comes as standard on this model.

The trigger is big enough for two fingers and has a safety override for the power. The handle has been ergonomically designed so it is very comfortable in the hand. When the trigger is released on the Flexvolt it engaged the break and the wheel stops spinning within 1.5 seconds, which is pretty fast.

Not only does it safe the operator from injury it also helps to protect the surface you are working on from damage. If the angle grinder was to stall, or even pinch a little, the DeWalt E-Clutch kicks in within 1/10 of a second. Similarly, when there is kickback the power tool immediately engages the break and shuts off completely.

The vents of the Flexvolt are covered by mesh. It works to stop sparks and bits of metal from firing off in all directions, including into the insides of the angle grinder. Although cordless, this model has the same equivalent power to that of a 13 amp cord powered angle grinder and has an out put of 2.2 horsepower.

Noticeable features of the DeWalt include the wheel lock being well placed to allow for quick and easy wheel changes, it is a member of the DeWalt Perform and Protect series, the side handle being able to be installed on either side to allow for both right hand and left hand use, and the removable guard being able to easily rotate and lock into place to allow for perfect positioning.

The 60 volt battery has a really good lifespan and should see out most jobs you are working on without the need to re-charge or switch batteries over. The 3 year warranty that comes with the power tool means that you do not have to worry about it dying on you. If the angle grinder is to break or stop working altogether, simply send it to DeWalt who will fix it or replace it free of charge.

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  •     A 6 inch cutting wheel
  •     Up to 9,000 RPM of speed
  •     2.2 horsepower
  •     A weight of 4.6 pounds (without battery)
  •     A 60 volt battery
  •     A 3 year warranty


  •     Plenty of safety features


  •     Does not come with a carry case


Now that we have looked at these two angle grinders in detail, we can happily recommend the DeWalt Flexvolt angle grinder. It is pretty much superior to the Makita in all departments.

It has a larger cutting wheel and a more powerful battery that is able to generate more speed. Not only this, but it also weighs almost one pound less than the Makita. If the Flexvolt is not currently the best angle grinder available on the market, then you will be hard pressed to find one that beats it.

Check out the price of the DeWalt Flexvolt angle grinder