Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Saw Review

If it is a top end cabinet saw that you are looking for then there a few things that you should realistically consider before deciding to purchase a specific make or model. There are numerous individuals who go out there and spend a large amount of money without really knowing what they should be looking for in a cabinet saw.

Right now, there are a large number of different models out there, but there are only actually a handful of them that you should be seriously considering.

The rest are either poorly made and / or do not cover the basic requirements or parameters that you would need from such a machine. One particular model that is seriously worth your consideration is the Grizzly G0690. We will now take a close look at this cabinet saw’s main functions and features.

A closer look at the Grizzly G0690 Table Saw

The G0690 delivers a fluid operation and unblemished performance. It boats several highly useful features and is capable of tackling the biggest of jobs. This is, in part, thanks to the cabinet table saws 3 horse power motor that can run at up to 4,300 RPM. Made from cast iron, a highly durable metal, this is one of the strongest and most stable cabinet saws currently available on the market – it should definitely last for many years, particularly if good care is taken of it.

The G0690’s stability is further improved by its base which is square, rather than being on legs. With this high level of stability, the cabinet saw is able to make extremely precise and accurate cuts. However, there are some other models out there that are capable of providing even better precision cuts.

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The safety features on this particular model are similar to those found on most other models. Although it could do with a few additional features to further improve its safety it is by no means unsafe to use. It is, actually, very safe to use – even for professional tradesmen. What we do recommend though is to always read the user / safety manual before using it for the first time.

Reading the instructions would also be important given that when it arrives, the cabinet table saw requires some assembly. It is also useful to know as maintenance is very important with large power tools like this. The better the cabinet saw is maintained in a good working condition, the longer its life span will be.

The G0690’s sliding fence is made really well. This is something that is not always true with other similar model cabinet saws as their respective manufacturers clearly do not pay enough attention to this element. However, Grizzly do and so their measuring items are excellent and means you can make highly accurate and precise cuts.

The cabinet saw, like most other models, comes with a port for dust collection, which is a useful addition to a machine that is already rather versatile. You can easily connect any sort of vacuum to the port and forget about any dust or debris gathering.


  •         Highly durable
  •         Good stability
  •         Very safe to use
  •         Precise and accurate cuts
  •         Sliding fence is made really well
  •         Excellent measuring items
  •         A dust collection port


  •         The decals are prone to coming off
  •         The cutting blade is ever so slightly off


  •         A total weight of 530 pounds
  •         A 3 horse power motor
  •         Up to 4,300 RPM

What we like about the Grizzly G0690

Most aspects of the G0690 are good. However, there are a few features that deserve a special mention. The first thing is the cabinet saw’s stability. This is a result of Grizzly’s expert design and innovative engineering techniques that mean the G0690 is as stable as it gets. 

Vibrations are kept to the absolute minimum and the levels of noise generated by the cabinet saw are much better than that of other similar modes currently out there. However, it still cannot be considered a massively silent power tool. It is, after all, a high powered, heavy duty power tool.

The instruction manual that comes with the G0690 is fully comprehensive and is well written to boot. They may not sound like an important point, but instruction manuals of this quality are a rare thing, so finding one is definitely worth a mention. This means that, even absolute novices, should not have any issues with this cabinet saw.

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What we didn’t like about the Grizzly G0690

The cabinet saw has a green decal on the bottom. However, as it rubs and scrapes against the floor, it comes off quite easily. This is purely a matter of aesthetics and you may wish to just remove the decal yourself – it by no means affects the power tools performance.

The cutting blade that comes as standard with the G0690 is not the best and is definitely not up to professional standards. It is also very so slightly off – by a fraction of an inch at most. With that in mind, you may wish to buy a new high quality blade if you are wanting to achieve more precise cuts.

The price tag is rather hefty if you are a home DIYer and not putting the machine to commercial use.


From our review of Grizzly G0690 table saw it is clear to see that this is a pretty good power tool. It comes equipped with all the features and functions you will ever need to tackle the most demanding of cutting jobs. It comes in at a relatively affordable price. However, relatively is the optimum word here as this cabinet saw is not cheap. So if you are on a restricted budget, then you should keep looking.

What we can guarantee with the Grizzly G0690 cabinet table saw is its quality. What you will be getting with this particular model is a durable and stable power tool. Its body, which is made from cast iron, which means it is pretty much resistant to sudden bumps or hits, and the motor is highly powerful, yet reasonably silent.

Check out the price of the Grizzly G0690